These days Dirty Girls are involved with the collection of *dirty blankets or distribution of clean blankets in the Lesvos and mainland camps. The work of Dirty Girls has changed from when we were sorting literally tons of dirty clothes to now, where the focus is on the washing of thousands of blankets.

This means there is less of a need for volunteers with Dirty Girls, so when we have too many enthusiastic enquiries, we suggest people use their various skills to help with people stranded in camps.

We suggest that you contact Holly or Ben at Indigo Volunteers for help with the most suitable placement.

Young and old and somewhere in between, over 1,000 volunteers from over 20 countries have so far joined Dirty Girls as humanitarian and environmental aid workers, either exclusively or in collaboration with other organisations we work alongside.

We’re grateful for the fun and camaraderie of days and evenings spent together; and the understanding that it isn’t just about dirty laundry. It’s about the individuals who are represented by each item; the people forced to make the dangerous journey from their homes to wash up on the shores of Lesvos.
We have the privilege of being in Greece where a helping hand has been extended, while the rest of Europe’s governments now lock their heart and doors.

Meanwhile, those who aren’t able to actually be here with us, have become Dirty Girls by being financial supporters, either with individual donations or with money raised from Fundraisers. We can’t function without them. Their support allows us to say yes, when no would mean materials being trashed rather than washed; when no would mean that we couldn’t provide the dignity of clean clothes and blankets.

So you see …. Dirty Girls are everywhere!

*Because people are now staying for extended periods in camps, they are able to wash their own clothes in hand basins. Dirty Girls provides washing powder each week for 3,000 people to wash their clothes.
Maybe not the most perfect scenario; but better solutions will be implemented in the future.
Washing blankets is of vital importance because people living in camps rarely have the luxury of sheets or beds or mattresses. For the most part they are living in tents without floors, so blankets are exposed to harsh conditions.  Many camps have few showers and/or limited water supplies so there are the subsequent problems of inadequate bathing.