Because Dirty Girls Loves Lesvos, we are joining other grassroots organisations to invite all our wonderful, fun, big hearted volunteers, donors, supporters and their friends, lovers and relatives and anyone else who wants to see this beautiful island, to join us for Spring On Lesvos.

May 8 – 15 are the dates, but we have extended the Dirty Girls Lesvos Holiday for an extra week so that you can join us anytime between May 8 – 22

We will be staying at Aphroditie Hotel in Molyvos.
Aphroditie Hotel sits on a bay with a lovely secluded beach with a taverna which captures the dramatic sunsets.

Your holiday may be about relaxing on the beach or by the pool with a book or it may be more active with such things as nature walks or kayaking. May is the month for bird watching on Lesvos. There’ll be yoga and dancing, good food and music.
We have common values and shared moments, so it will be an enriching experience to meet either again or for the first time, and spend time with others who have supported refugees by directly working with, or being a donor of Dirty Girls.

We have special rates for Dirty Girls with Aphrodite Hotel, so please contact us with your dates so that we can secure your reservation at the reduced rates.

Double room with breakfast – €40

Single room with breakfast – €35

Hopefully we’ll see you in May!!

With best wishes,
Alison  … for Dirty Girls


If you are living in Austria, Holland or the UK, you can fly directly to Mytilini by charter
(Eurowings, Corendon Air, Thomas Cook).
Otherwise, you’ll have to fly to Athens or Thessaloniki, and take a 40 minutes domestic flight from there for about 60€ with Aegean Airlines or Olympic Air.
You can also choose a ferry from both cities, but that is relatively expensive and for sure time consuming.
If you have the passport for it and find a cheap flight to Izmir, you could take a ferry from Ayvalik in Turkey to Mytilini (round trip, 25€).

All dates are in May 2017, all prices in € and found on January 15th.
All are return flights and none of them include extra luggage.

4-15 Amsterdam Mytilini Corendon 258€
8-15 Amsterdam Athens KLM 128€
6-20 Amsterdam Athens Transavia 116€
8-15 Eindhoven Athens Transavia 140€
6-20 London Mytilini Thomas Cook 154€
6-13 London Mytilini Thomas Cook 129€
6-13 Birmingham Mytilini Thomas Cook 164€
6-20 Midlands Mytilini Thomas Cook 163€
8-15 London Athens Ryanair 71€
4-17 London Athens Ryanair 75€
4-17 Glasgow Athens Ryanair 130€
2-20 Vienna Mytilini Eurowings 170€
4-17 Dublin Athens Aer Lingus/Ryanair 129€
4-17 Berlin Mytilini Aegean Airlines 184€
7-15 Munchen Mytilini Aegean Airlines 191€
7-15 Hamburg Thessaloniki Air Serbia 161€
5-15 Copenhagen Thessaloniki Norwegian/Ryanair 133€
7-15 Copenhagen Athens Norwegian/Ryanair 130€
7-15 Oslo Athens Norwegian 153€
7-16 Barcelona Athens Ryanair 122€
5-16 New York Athens Swiss/Air Canada 513€
5-16 Los Angeles Athens Air Canada/United 515€
5-16 Perth Athens Qatar Airways 823€