Trucks pick up loads of dirty items, collected by volunteers, from various camps on the island and take them to the laundry. Teams of  Dirty Girls sort the dirty items and then the process of washing, drying and sorting for type and size is carried out by paid Greek workers.
Sorted items are then delivered to clothing distribution areas.

Since March, 2016, due to E.U. deals with Turkey, the flow of arrivals to Lesvos has become a relative trickle.
Dirty Girls focus now is on washing the blankets used by over 5,000 people living within government camps on the island, and by 50,000 people trapped by closed borders and living in camps on the mainland of Greece.

Dirty Girls uses laundries in Athens and Thessaloniki for washing blankets from mainland camps.

Dirty Girls also provides washing powder for thousands of people staying in Moria camp, so that they can wash their own clothes.

Dirty Girls collaborates with other grassroots organisations who are moving families from the unacceptable conditions of camps into apartments. Dirty Girls purchases washing machines for apartments.