It’s the right thing to do to show respect for the refugees.
We take care of the clothes that have been important to those arriving and we are able to offer them replacements that are appropriate sizes, styles and modesty levels.

It’s the right thing to do for the environment.
So far we have saved over 400 tons of material from becoming landfill. Decomposing material releases methane; a harmful greenhouse gas and a significant contributor to global warming.

It makes no sense to throw away perfectly good clothes.
Clothing donations, sent mostly from other countries cost money to buy and send and are often inappropriate sizes, styles and modesty levels. Why rely on them when clothes are already available after being washed.

Economically it makes more sense.
Traditionally the UNHCR blankets are thrown away after being used.  Washed to hospital standards and recycled for €3 each, it cost less than replacing them for €6 or more each.  So far, Dirty Girls has saved UNHCR donors and tax payers over €1,000,000 by preventing many thousands of blankets from being thrown away after sometimes just one night of use.
Meanwhile, we are creating jobs for locals in a country which is suffering economic difficulties.