If you are donating £100 or more we would like to send you two tote bags – One Small Bags –  made from upcycled life jackets, and other discarded materials. Please fill in your mailing address and we’ll get them out to you.
We’ll cover the postage worldwide.

Please note that each One Small Bag is individually designed and so is particular for you.

Please contact us for bank details.

Dirty Girls is taking our environmental and humanitarian mission one step further by actively helping restore the global forest.

Planting trees is critical to reverse climate change and create a humane and liveable future.

Every time you make a donation of £100 or more toward the work of Dirty Girls, 4 trees will be planted.
The trees will be planted, cared for and protected by women in communities in Madagascar, Brazil, Kenya and India. The women also derive economic benefit from the trees.
We will make regular updates on how many trees you, as Dirty Girls donors, are planting.
So far we have planted 2,500 trees.
We are doing this through our charity partner TreeSisters: women seeding change, which has already planted 10 million trees.