Dirty Girls is looking for financial support, particularly from individuals and organizations with an ethos of support for humanitarian, environmental, refugee  and LGBT initiatives.

We do want to reward you for your donation, so feel welcome give us your mailing address and indicate your colour preferences so we can make your gift and send it to you or as a gift to someone else.

£30 – 2 Lavender Relaxation Pillowettes plus 2 trees planted.

£10 – A tree will be planted on your behalf.

£60 – 40cm x 40cm/16″x 16″ pillow cover plus 3 trees planted.

£80 – 1 Tactile Pillow respectfully designed for a person with Alzheimers or 4 placemats made with eco chic Irish Linen from ethically sourced   fully biodegradable flax plant fibres – plus 3 trees planted.


£120 – 1 One Small Bag* plus 5 trees planted.
* One Small Bag – so called because when people flee their homes and their country, they can only take what fits in one small bag. 

£200 – 1 Backpack – plus 5 trees planted.

£1,000 – tell us what you want – plus 20 trees planted.

Choose how you would like to support Dirty Girls work – through Paypal Giving, Charities Aid Foundation or Give As You Live.

When you donate through PayPal Giving Fund, 100% of your donation will be delivered to Dirty Girls.
There is no fee for you. 

Dirty Girls is taking our environmental and humanitarian mission one step further by actively helping restore the global forest. Planting trees is critical to reverse climate change and create a humane and liveable future.
The trees will be planted, cared for and protected by women in  communities in Madagascar, Brazil, Kenya and India.
We are doing this through our charity partner TreeSisters

You can also have Amazon make a donation to Dirty Girls every time you make a purchase from them.