Upcycling; creative reuse.
The process of transforming  waste materials into new articles with artistic and environmental value

Dirty Girls is extending our work to London with an Upcycling Studio in the Design District.
Women who have come to the UK as refugees are employed by Dirty Girls, receiving a living wage to learn the skills to design and create a collection of fashion bags which will be available for sale worldwide.
The bags are made from materials left-over from costume making for TV, film, theatre, opera and ballet.
The Gutermann thread used for making the bags is 100% recycled – produced from plastic beverage bottles.
Continuing with the principles of Dirty Girls, we work with refugee women while diverting materials from landfill and for each bag sold five trees will be planted by Tree Sisters.

Dirty Girls has decided to focus on refugees who identify as lesbians they are often doubly traumatised. 
They are fleeing the horrors of war-torn countries, but also escaping from being targeted to be killed, with impunity, because of their sexuality.
As women living outside of a family milieu, their life can be more isolated and with greater economic responsibilities.
We estimate that the cost of training each woman to the point that her work can become part of the DG collection for sale is £3000.
Dirty Girls is looking for financial support, particularly from individuals and organizations with an ethos of support for humanitarian, environmental and LGBT initiatives.
When you donate through PayPal Giving Fund,100% of your donation, plus eligible Gift Aid, will be delivered to Dirty Girls.