Upcycling: reuse discarded materials to produce a product of higher quality

Dirty Girls is extending our work to London with an Upcycling Studio in the Design District.
Women who have come to the UK as refugees will be employed by Dirty Girls, receiving a living wage for designing and making a new collection of fashion bags which will be available for sale worldwide.
The bags will be made from materials discarded by the fashion and entertainment industries.
Continuing with the principles of Dirty Girls, we will work with refugees while diverting materials from landfill and for each bag sold five trees will be planted.
Bag designs – a Chevron Fronted Tote Bag, a Messenger Bag and The Skate Girl Bag.
All new designs for a new and exciting project.
During work hours women can be involved in classes and workshops to help unlock their skills to take the lead in their future employment either with Dirty Girls or elsewhere as employees or small business owners. 


Afghan and Iranian women, who are professional designers and tailors, earn income in Greece by making One Small Bags and Messenger Bags from discarded life jacket material and damaged clothes.
See below images of two sided bag insert card for more details.
With a donation of €100 or more you will receive two One Small Bags as a thank you.
They will be sent to you anywhere in the world.
Like the refugees themselves, each bag is different.
No two designs are the same.