Dirty Girls takes the materials from discarded life jackets and upcycles them into messenger bags. The life jackets have been worn by people, fleeing war and inhumane conditions, making the treacherous sea crossing from Turkey to Lesvos in overcrowded flimsy boats. The jackets are filled with fake life preserving material, which means they won’t save people’s lives; they are just fake life jackets. Every jacket used represents a person who has survived a journey that too many haven’t.

Each bag has a different, one off design; representing the fact that each refugee is a person with an individual life story. Bags have material selected from at least six or seven jackets. They are padded with pieces from the inside of jackets.

Upcycling the material means that it will not end up in landfill to eventually produce greenhouse gases which leads to global warming.

After Dirty Girls have collected, washed and cut the life jackets, local people earn a very fair price to make the bags.

Donations from bags are used for washing blankets for the comfort, warmth and health of people who are now forced to live in camps in Greece because the borders to the rest of Europe have been firmly closed.

The Dirty Girls Messenger Bags are available, and can be sent worldwide, with a donation of €100
When ordering your bag, please add a delivery address. Remember that each bag is an individual design, but if you have a strong colour preference let us know.
Carrying your bag will demonstrate and open conversations about your support for people who have become refugees.
Carry a bag with a message.