UPCYCLING: creative reuse.

The environmentally focused process of transforming waste materials  into new articles with artistic and functional value.

Dirty Girls infuses fabric waste from the entertainment industry with new life created by the labour of the women making the bags; reintegrating waste into our social lives as the bags have functional and aesthetic use.
Emphasis is placed on the creativity and uniqueness of each bag.
Carrying *One Small Bag demonstrates and opens conversations about your support for people who have become refugees. 

* One Small Bag – so called because when people flee their homes and their country, they can only take what fits in one small bag.  

Bags are sewn with thread recyled from plastic bottles.

For each bag, 5 trees are planted by Tree Sisters – regenerating global forests for future generations while employing economically deprived women. 
The Dirty Girls forest has 3,661 trees and growing.